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On another note (no. 6) - PatisserieLola

Another British Street food review for you - completely uncensored and unedited - for those of you living or holidaying in the Peak District, or in fact anyone who is interested in good food. You're in good company. Richard Johnson has just e-mailed me 'Blooming perfect!' - so I guess that's a goer then


Sara Davies
35, Valley Road,

Tel. 07771356697

I visited Chesterfield Farmers Market on 14th March 2013.
Sara visits farmers markets in Chesterfield (2nd Thursday of month), Sheffield (4th Thursday of month) and Bakewell (last Saturday of month). Also Sharrrow Vale Road market, and Nether Edge Spring market (both in Sheffield).


Ever found yourself drooling outside the window of some small French Bakery, gazing longingly at the mountain of beautifully displayed hand-made desserts inside? Well, you can enjoy those same warm feelings just a stone's throw from home in Chesterfield  Farmers market where Sara Davies invites you to her pop-up French Patisserie - "PatisserieLola".

A Baker who paints, or a painter who bakes. Whatever she does Sara does it with flair and passion. From the the hand written descriptions, the scattering of tiny pastry tins, to the beautiful paintings of flowers that set off the towers of cake and fruit so well. Very French, very Juliette Binoche, if you get my drift. And Sara has a little of the 'Vianne Rocher' about her too - you'd think she'd almost be able to guess your favourite, given the chance...

Sara makes Artisan French Desserts in Chesterfield using only good quality seasonal ingredients (local wherever possible). The eggs are free-range, the flour British milled.

Take away a slice of Andalucian Orange and Almond Torte made with fresh orange zest and ground almonds, or French Raspberry and Frangipane Tart, studded with fresh Raspberries and lined in real French sable pastry for true authenticity, and indulge in an act of pure wickedness.

Desserts on offer that day (although since things are seasonal the menu is constantly changing) included:-

Baked with soured cream in the cake mixture, which gave a wonderfully soft creamy taste (-as I can testify since it didn't take me long to get my choppers into this one), and covered in a mound of vanilla butter cream and fresh Blueberries.

A French-style chocolate cake made with dark chocolate for density, lots of eggs, a lovely gooey ganache filling, and dusted with icing sugar.

French Sable pastry lined with Frangipane (a sweet pastry cream made with ground almonds) and dotted with fresh Raspberries and a covering of slivered almonds. French sable pastry is a rich, indulgent and crisp pastry made with unsalted butter and icing sugar. Once tried, never forgotten. The crispness always makes French pastries seem light to my mind (at least that's what I tell my expanding waistline).

This one was GLUTEN FREE for those of you who need to know, and made with ground almonds instead of flour, fresh orange zest, and decorated with slivered almonds and icing sugar.

was a loaf cake made with fresh lemon juice and rind and a simple lemon icing on top.

A super-rich cake made with lashings of Golden Syrup for a fudgy texture, filled with a deep coffee butter cream and speckled with cocoa and coffee beans on top for that "wow" factor.

It was hard to choose. Believe me.
Of course you may be thinking 'oh, it's just a few cakes'. Well, I challenge you to walk past without lingering with intention and desire, as I did.

And, on a cold windy morning with hands in pockets, a vision like PATISSERIELOLA that transports you to a world of Juliette Binoche and 'Chocolat' and all things truly French and exquisite, is just what you need.

Oh, and when she's not creating fab deserts, Sara is dabbling away on her easel creating these lovely paintings - something to delight the eye and the palate.

Add a little wicked French Indulgence to your day.

Best wishes,


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  1. Sara was very pleased with her review. She sent me a note saying,'thank you so much for your fantastic inspiration to start my businness was indeed my favourite film "Chocolat".'