Saturday, 9 March 2013

On another note (no. 4)- Maxine's Mobile Pizzas

For all those living in or visiting the Peak District, here is the completely unedited and uncensored version of my review for British Street food of Maxine's Mobile Pizzas. So that you can go and try one for yourself.


If you thought mining was dead round here, you should see Maxine work a shovel. Pizza from Peel to plate in three minutes flat; Maxine knows how to get them out. Under the jaunty bunting and pirate headscarf Maxine is feeding the people of Derbyshire the same kind of home made pizza you might expect to get from any Italy.

11, Leek Road, Buxton, Derbyshire. SK17 6UD.
Tel. 01298 73539
mob.0781 051 6571
Twitter @MaxinesPizzas

I visited Buxton Farmers Market on 7/03/13.
Maxine visits Farmers Markets in Buxton, Bakewell, Sheffield, Mansfield and Rode Hall, Cheshire.
Also the Treacle Market, Macclesfield (last Sun of month) and Leek Fine Food festival (3rd Sat of the month) and the monthly Buxton Saturday Bazaars in the Pavillion Gardens.


A feast for the eyes as well as the stomach. Watch Maxine deftly role out your pizza to size, spread with tomato sauce and sprinkle on the toppings of your choice. Then she slides it onto a huge iron peel and into the fiery clay oven.

Whether the weather is dull or bright all eyes will be drawn to this wonderful little pot-bellied stove with its quirky chimney. Flames glow at your from within. And you can watch your pizza cooking in the time it takes you to slap out your money on the counter - 3 minutes - and it's done, bubbling hot, a little charred and crispy at the edges ( - and all the better for it) and tasting lip-smackingly good.

All the ingredients are fresh and locally sourced. The flour comes from Caudwell Mill near Bakewell and even the wood for the oven comes from local sustainable forests.

Maxine makes five basic toppings:-



HAM AND MUSHROOM (using real gammon)

HOT AND SPICY - jalapeƱo peppers, red onion, black olives and piri piri sauce

CHICKEN, COURGETTE AND PINE NUT - roast chicken, courgette ribbons and toasted pine nuts

BEETROOT AND RED ONION - a wonderful vegetarian option using fresh beetroot (not pickled) and red onion.

.....or you can do what I did and mix and match your own toppings. I opted for Ham, Courgette and Black Olive - and it was fab.

The pizzas are incredibly good value at only £3.50 for a 8" pizza
                                                                   or £7.00 for a 12" pizza

Maxine also makes a Gluten free pizza base.

She has also been known to make impromptu "specials" like a Breakfast pizza (incorporating a full English) for early starts, and a SWEETZZA (which is apparently chocolate sauce and crumbled jaffa cakes baked in the oven and then sprinkled with mini marshmallows) and beloved by children everywhere.

Ever wanted to see the real Pied Piper in action? Come to Maxine's Mobile Pizzas and find out why so many do.

Best wishes,


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