Sunday, 27 November 2011

November 27th - Soup to soothe the soul

Dear Nigel,

The kids put their requests in for Christmas - not the over-ambitious present lists, but the list of their favourite foods. One wants Millionaire's shortbread, another Sticky Toffee sauce (with or without the accompanying pudding), and there is a sizeable minority who just adore my Smoked Salmon soup. I'd love to include the recipe here but, as i have no idea where i got it from and thus who to attribute it too, i don't want to get into trouble. Suffice to say it includes a large dollop of Boursin and much smoked salmon. It's a good one to make on a grey windy day when i'm feeling just a little bit low and i need some comforting - a nice man like yourself would do nicely, but in its absence a bowl of this special soup makes a fair replacement. The rest will have to add to my increasing stock in the freezer.

I read your entry for today and i see you're having the same kind of day as i am. You say, "sometimes you just need comfort food of the highest order". You make a "cheesy pie to warm the soul", - a molten mix of mashed potato, caramelized onions and stilton - a good choice to provide a concrete lining and ground you once again. Does this whole idea of grounding rely on a certain heaviness? I can't imagine being grounded by a light mixed salad or a sorbet.

The days are getting shorter and shorter and the thought of a nest of blankets and a DVD suddenly seems a very good idea. The dog seems resigned to her fate and the cats have already monopolized the best seats in the house. A more assertive person would probably turf them off but they look so comfortable and so relaxed. Who am i to deprive them of their pleasure? So i'll probably squeeze in beside them hoping they'll give me enough room to breathe in.

Pass the chocolates, Nigel,


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