Monday, 21 November 2011

November 21st - The best-equipped Bedroom this side of Bakewell

Dear Nigel,
You may not know this, but i have the best-equipped Bedroom this side of Bakewell.
I once lived in a large house with a wonderful walk-in pantry, but after finding silverfish in my Bread flour sacks due to the damp, i immediately decanted all my flours, sugars and other dry goods into hundreds of 2 litre le parfait jars. Living now in a much smaller house in which i don't have a walk-in anything, i found the best thing to do was to fill my fitted wardrope with the jars. So, should i wake in the middle of the night with an urgent desire to knock up a cake, i need only lean over and get everything i need from beside my bed.Of course it does rather enlarge my ideal work triangle in the kitchen having to leg-it up two flights of stairs every few minutes i'm baking.
I had to resort to the chocolate today after a very stressful meeting. I ate a whole bar of Green and Black's milk     chocolate without stopping. I can't abide the chocolate snobbery that looks down on anyone who dares to claim they like anything less than 70%. Probably one of the first things i ever heard you say which drew me to you was the admission that you liked to eat mars bars in bed. Man after my own heart, i thought.
I'm not sure i want to try your recipe for stale bread and mushy tomatoes today, it reminds me too much of the kind of meals i used to invent when we got our first house and the choice was eat or sort out the dry rot - the dry rot always won.
Hope you enjoyed your mushy tomato bread. No doubt all that work in the garden would have worked up an appetite, and everything tastes better then.
All the best,

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