Thursday, 9 January 2014


'In the Life of the spirit
the importance of things
is measured not by their
material value but by their
value to the soul.'
                   Leo Tolstoy

There can be few finer things in life than Good Food and Good Company. Sometimes this may involve prestige-enhancing recipes, the best china and a ring of glasses round the table; at others it is bread and soup and a packet of butter if you're lucky. Most of my favourite entertaining falls into the latter these days. Time is short, energy is finite. This is the way I like to cook. This is the way Nigel likes to write. His recipe, in My pan, served up to 'A guest at my table'. (All will become clear in the fullness of time.) We make a good team, he and I.

All the following recipes can be found in 'EAT - the little book of fast food.'

As Nigel says, ' making yourself and others something good to eat can be so little trouble and so much pleasure. And much more satisfying than coming home to a meal in a box.'

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