Saturday, 2 February 2013

On another note (no.3)

Heard yesterday from London's Zone1radio who want to feature my blog on their food programme 'In Good Taste'. Feel like a only qualification is that I love food and I like to eat. Didn't even do 'O' level Cookery, and the Cookery class I did at college seemed to consist of me cooking leisurely and in slow motion and my best friends Fred and Elaine frantically doing my washing up so we could all catch the bus home. Still haven't got any quicker at cooking - don't think anyone would be coming to my restaurant, they'd all be asleep on the table before they reached the main course!

1 comment:

  1. I much prefer reading and watching cooks rather than chefs. I like the idea that the people who cook are the people who eat it. They have a feel for the food that chefs don't, chefs treat it too clinically. Nigel approaches food with an apologetic guilt for an underlying greed that he tries to keep in check. You will be great, go for it.